Thank You Shaklee For My All Expenses Paid Trip to Maui

In early May of this year I enjoyed an incredible vacation in Maui, soaking up the spectacular warm weather and stunning beach front views. What made this trip even more special was that It was completely paid for by Shaklee. An all expense paid trip to Maui for simply doing what I love and helping others around me realize their potential towards building their own businesses.

Here’s a great little primer on what we were to look forward to:

I wasn’t the only one; hundreds of other Shaklee business owners including several from my team were also fortunate enough to travel to Maui for an unforgettable week of doing anything, all at Shaklee’s expense. It was surreal to say the least. Normally we would need to count our ‘pennies’ for months and years to afford a trip like this (that’s me in the middle!).

Earning this trip was no fluke however. It took a lot of hard work and education to help my team begin to reach their goal and it was a wonderful thrill to see Yafeng, Noel, Iris and Qiaolan all honoured by the Shaklee group for their own outstanding performance. The beauty of the Island and it’s people touched me with wonder daily. The sunsets were crisp, soothing and bursting with colour. The ocean would morph from intensely turbulent to rolling waves and epic surf, then finally calm and quite at slack tide. These calm moments was a time for reflection and having fun with our teammates sipping mai tai’s and envisioning the future. (Whoops, shopping too, naturally)!

Here’s a wonderful small gallery of photos taken by Richard Marks Photography. (and used with permission)

[srizonfbalbum id=1]

As I reflect on this amazing trip with all of these wonderful people I reflect on how fortunate I am to live a life with splendour based on doing what I love which I believe is the epitome of all that life can offer. This business is awesome!

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