Introducing Healthprint from Shaklee – Digital Health Assessment


Earlier this month Shaklee released a ground-breaking tool designed to provide near instant recommendations on clinically proven, dietary supplements that are educated and informed. These selections are based on a highly researched online questionnaire which incidentally, also weighs in your daily budget for supplements and vitamins.

Heard enough already? Go try it out here:

Watch this introductory video on the system

What is the Healthprint Assessment for?

The health assessment tool is designed to give you really informed information on the type of supplement that will be perfect for you based on the selections from the questionnaire. The questions asked aren’t the normal questions you might consider in a dietary assessment.


Also featured are budgetary concerns which takes into account a very affordable option for people wishing to utilize Shaklee’s decades of research and quality that they pour into their products. I thought this was particularly thoughtful as not all of us can afford the expensive regimens but want to experience the health benefits of Shaklee’s products.

Shaklee Healthprint Budget


One final feature is that you can run the assessment completely anonymously. It allows for guest use, although if you are a member you may be able to save your information and revisit the results at any time. It’s so new that we’re all learning the ins and outs and all the behind the scenes features.

If you’d like a hand with the evaluation tool and are uncomfortable with the questions, I would be happy to work with you on building a supplement plan for your specific needs and health goals.

Let’s chat about your health goals!


Healthy Kids Healthy Families. An Evening of Fun and Smoothies

Recently we’ve hosted some amazingly fun and informative events around Victoria and we have you to thank for helping them to become such wonderful evenings.

Our first event was held in September and it was such a huge success we decided to run another gathering in October.

The premise behind the events was to develop an informal gathering where we could all discuss healthy ways to help protect the family from the cold and flu season. A large part of this is ensuring the kids are getting the right healthy balance in their diet which can sometimes be a challenge as anyone with children can attest to.

To combat the ‘picky eater’ we opened up a Shaklee smoothie bar where anyone could build their own one-of-a-kind smoothie blend using various products and ingredients. This was a huge success and soon the kitchen was filled with smoothie dust and the sound of blenders.

As you can see from the images we’ve been having a lot of fun and learning some extremely valuable information from some very smart women. In that gallery we welcomed Sharon Nice, a successful Shaklee distributor and product expert. Visit her Facebook page here:

As well we learned a lot from Tracy Lowe who joined us on another night (also featured in the gallery above).

If you’ve missed out on our evenings and would like to keep in touch, please add your email address to the newsletter signup at the bottom of the website (all the way down on the left). Once you confirm your email address you won’t be left out in the dark when our next super fun event surfaces.

Our future events will tackle topics such as how to keep a clean, non-toxic home and learning about developing a home business and supplementing your income. Each event showcases an amazing presentation followed by a Q&A and of course, draw prizes!

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