The Health Stages of a Woman’s Life – Teenage Girls

Health for teenage girls:

For teens – time is of the essence – they are often rushed and have a heavy workload with school and “tight” schedules (in a hurry).  Teens are still growing and hormones are changing.  Teens may not understand or want to be bothered with the value of good nutrition.  They may be looking for the next “big supplement to hit the market” such as a new “Red Bull” type drink – full of caffeine and additives – to give them the energy to get through school, part-time jobs, and other stresses of teenage life.  But for teens, these types of supplements are not advised as they could do damage to the body.  Teens need supplements and natural foods which are both healthy and beneficial for their particular situation.

So what do teen girls need:

Teens have a higher protein requirement due to their natural growth process.
Protein is important as it provides the building blocks of the cells and builds cell strength; also warding off disease

If they work out – their protein need is even greater.

Teens can benefit from the Shaklee protein powders– to give them high quality, highly digestible proteins with quick absorption.  The added benefit is that these proteins can be prepared quickly into smoothies or taken with them in their backpacks or purses for a quick meal at school, at a friend’s house, or on a job.

They may also use the Meal Replacement bars, (also quite high in protein) in the same way.

Teens may be reluctant to eat a large variety of natural foods or vegetables.  For this reason, it is important that they take a good multivitamin which will allow the body’s many functions to run smoothly including muscle development. A perfect choice is the Shaklee Vita Lea with iron.

Other important supplements for PMS symptoms such as cramps,  and during menstruation are Omega 3’s and GLA (borage oil) – borage is known as the herb of gladness and gamma linolenic acid is a fatty acid which can help relieve PMS systems such as cramps, pain, and improve mood.  It is used to treat swelling in the body.

The GLA in the borage feeds women’s glands with the nutrients they need to go through the menstrual cycle every month.

Other good nutrients include magnesium, B vitamins (help combat stress), Vitamin C to increase use of the fatty acids. To avoid getting sick (and missing school) teens need to increase immunity and can use Nutriferon, Zinc and Vitamin C plus their multivitamin for this. it’s also Important that they reduce caffeine (this is very hard on the system and dangerous to the heart in large quantities). These supplements are recommended as an addition to a balanced diet of high-quality fruits, vegetables, grains and lean meats and fish.