2014 Shaklee Spring Regional Conference – Meeting My Inspirational Mentors

The Shaklee Regional Conference was so exciting. I was really pumped before going because I worked hard with so many people and had achieved lots of successes. I was particularly looking forward to meeting Dr. Bruce Daggy who is a senior scientist with Shaklee Corp. as he is doing very interesting research.


A Chance to Meet Some of my Inspirational Mentors

Friday night did not let me down; I had a chance to meet with Jennifer Glacken, Master Coordinator from Ohio, and Tasha Starr, in qualification for Master from Manitoba, Canada.

After a short gathering in the beautiful hotel dining area, I got private time speaking with Dr. Daggy. He was so fascinating. He told me about how Shaklee selects the raw materials for their products. There are no “fillers” in these products; rather they are concentrates of whatever the most active and healthy substance is for the product. For example, for the Omega 3’s, many companies put one part that is purely Omega 3 and the rest can be parts of algae, etc. that surround the concentrated omega but do not contain it. For the Shaklee Omega it is so pure and delivers. For the other Shaklee products he told me that even if they are stamped, Organic, by the supplier, Shaklee performs hundreds of tests on them to make sure this is for certain.

He also alluded to the fact that there are several studies underway and I got the sense that the Shaklee Scientists are working hard to reveal some of the key ingredients needed regarding long life and aging over a prolonged period (in other words living longer) and much more comfortably.
This scientific research will be revealed in Long Beach, California between August 8 – 13 this year.

Take a moment to watch this wonderful video of Dr. Daggy discussing the ‘Shaklee Movement’.

Saturday: Filled with Amazing and Motivational Presentations

On Saturday, we heard from Jennifer Glacken and Tasha Starr and I also met with Elena Panos who is from New York City (my home town). Ian and Karen Grant, who are only Canadian new master’s, were also on the panel of speakers. The speakers were highly animated and influenced me in taking the business seriously and in time management and achieving my goals.

The highlight of he afternoon was the luncheon (which I earned entrance to as a high achiever). To lighten the already jovial atmosphere, the organizers delivered a Mexican theme to the luncheon. The private room was so colorful and the food was delicious. There was a Chinese translator present and I got to know several of our Chinese downline business leaders in ways that I was unable to before since I haven’t been able to understand Mandarin. That was such a pleasure; to really hear from them. We have terrific people in our downline.

Full of Pride for our Shaklee Business Team

It’s with quite a bit of pride that I should mention that we also have the only new BC Fast Track Executive Coordinator on our team; Yafeng Liang from Victoria! Yafeng started working her Shaklee business last September, 2013 and became an Executive Coordinator at the end of February of this year! Fantastic! (This usually takes 15 months at the least)! I accepted a copy of her cheque for $25,000 on her behalf at the event and was so proud to do so. Yafeng has a great flair for the business and shows people how to become successful using the Rx for Healthy Living Gold Ambassador Kit (a big savings to new members and distributors).

Marion Ellis, Coordinator, Yafeng’s upline mentor received a cheque for $12,500 for helping Yafeng with her success. Marion provides a steadfast, steady approach and encourages each distributor’s successes and for them to be accepted and cared about exactly as they are.

I am so remarkably proud of these hard working and driven ladies!


As well, Sandi Rainer and Maggie Rayne, advanced rank to Senior Executive Coordinators! (Congrats Sandi & Maggie) and thanks for your continuous support and knowledge.
This business gives me a chance to be so openhearted with others. It feels great and I can’t ask for anything better work-wise in my life.

Were you at the event? I’d love to hear about your experiences and what really stood out for you as the most meaningful moment for you. Please click here to write to me.

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